Events & typical products in Lentini
The most important events in Lentini
19 - Saint Joseph: with the procession of the Holy Family on the stand in the square
Easter: on thursday i sepulcra, offering of trays with coins and budded legumes;
On friday scesa a' cruci e and the procession of the crucifield Christ and of our Lady of Sorrows
9-10-11 - St. Alfio's day: i nuri, barefooted and semi-naked devotees who between the 9th and the 10th of may run along a very old holy way with the red martyrdom band around the body and a bunch of Flowers in hand.
On the morning of the 10th the rite of the picciriddi spugghiati (undressed children) (9-11 may)
first week - Orange in blossom festival in which the schools celebrate the orange blossom with exhibitions of local handicrafts and sale of orange made products (first week of may)
typical products
Oranges, tangerines and temple oranges are the typical products for excellence that with their colour give brightness to the green countries.
Have you ever tasted the orange salade?
It's time to taste:
It is dressed with onion, parsley and extra-virgin olive-oil of course.
The olives growing and the production of an excellent extra virgin oil are also a characteristic of the little town; delicious are the "alivi a' puddastredda" with oil, mint, garlie and vinegar.
Do not miss the ricotta cheese that it is possible to taste in some shepheid's homestead with the rennet and the bread baked in the stone oven.
Local specialties are the "mpanate', pizzas stuffed with little broccolis or with potatoes, baked in the old stone ovens, together with the pani i' casa (the famous Lentini bread) enriched with sesame-seeds and the cudduruni with broccolis, wild beets and onions.
At Easter do not miss the cassateddi cakes stuffed with ricotta cheese, eggs and cinnamon and the ciciliu consisting of a small biscuit basket containing an egg.