Itineraires for visiting Lentini
The Churches 
* Main church
Dedicated to St.Alfio, architect Vella da Malta's work built in the second half of the 18th century with a nave and two aisles on columns, it keeps among the other works a valuable painting by Bassano, a Christian hypogeum (3rd century) and a Byzantine painting on wood of the Madonna Odigitria (12th century).
The facade with three orders dates to the sixteenth century.
* The church of St. Luca
It is a 18th century church where it is possible to admire a Crucifixion attribuited to Tintoretto, a St.Francis in prayer from Bassano's school and the Virgin's Birth by Gramignani (1760).
* The church of the SS.Trinita’ and of St. Marziano
National Monument, it was built on the ruins of the sixteenth century Palazzo La Palumba.
It keeps inside the beautiful floor in Caltagirone baked clay (18th century), the vault's frescoes by Sebastiano Lo Monaco, a polyptych of the Antonello da Messina's school and the lapis-lazuli tabernacle of the high altar.
* The church of St. Francesco di Paola
It has a beautiful 18th century architechture and it keeps an old bellows organ and works from churches destroyed by the 1693 earthquake.
* The church of the Immacolata
It dates back to the 18th century and it is possible to admire inside a lion with a flowing mane of Romanic age, Queen Maria's sepulchral stone (1402) and a Christ at the Column.
* The Cave of Crocifisso
Situated in the San Mauro valley, it is a very suggestive cave with frescoes imitating the Byzantine style (12th-17th century) and the ruins of the 16th century ex Church of S.Pietro and of a Greek house dug in the rock.
The ruins of Lentini Castellaccio
Swabian castle dating back to the 12th century, built by Frederick II.
Archeological Museum  
Very interesting is the Archeological Museum. It preserve the rests of the ancient leontinoi.
The sea and the beach
Very beautiful is the sea. Important and very nice is the beach “Agnone Bagni”. It is Lying 10 Km from the centre of lentini.
The lake “Biviere”  
Lying 3 Km from the homonymous centre, it was the widest lake basin in the island, anciently nuch smaller, before the Trigona river flowed into it.
In Swabian times it was already dammed.
In the last few years it is used as an irrigation reservoir for the citrus groves growing.
It is a large artificial basin that makes it possible to admire a great variety of birds: Stork, Stilt, Coot, Royal Mallard, Cormorant, Flamingo, Royal Eagle, Gull.
how Lentini can be reached
You can reach Lentini by car from CATANIA and SYRACUSE from which Lentini is about 30 Km away, by train it can be reached with the CATANIA-SYRACUSE line or by bus from all the heighbouring villages. If you are very far you can reach before Catania’s Airport (Fontanarossa).